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Athletic & Recreational

SE Little League Headquarters

This new Regional Tournament Complex for Little League International incorporates the features and functions found in many Minor League Parks.  The facility seats 2,500 spectators under roof, and provides hillside seating for 3,000 additional fans.  The stadium is constructed to inspire each player to perform their best, and to call to mind the great stadiums of the professional side of the sport.  The field is a state-of-the-art drained turf field, with recessed dugouts for each team. 

Fitness Facility & Gymnasium

This facility supports Central Georgia Technical College's fitness and physical therapy programs.  It also serves as the home court for men’s and women’s basketball program.  Spaces included for instruction include general classrooms and computer labs, a fitness lab with exercise equipment, and an aerobics/yoga room with specialized flooring to absorb energy from aerobic and plyometric workouts.

Atlanta Area School for the Deaf Gym

This renovation and modification to the aging gymnasium for the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf includes installation of a new floating wood floor, new motorized bleachers, video platform, sound system and lighting.  The project also includes the addition of a new weight room, two new adjustable basketball goals, and ADA compliance renovations for locker room entrances.

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