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United Medical Specialists

Providing comprehensive medical and wellness care in a nature-based  environment was the main design objective in establishing this new facility.  From the moment one enters the facility, the comforting ambience is created both through calming colors and rich materials from nature. The entire facility is designed to provide a tranquil ambience to promote healing and reassurance.

Houston County Occupational Health

This facility was designed as a new venture into industrial medicine by this established healthcare provider. Interior planning for the building is oriented around a central “main street” that facilitates public circulation to the three departments of this facility's urgent care, diagnostic services, and occupational health departments, while a concealed circulation system allows staff access to all departments.

The Lodge
Assisted Living

This facility, which is known as “The Lodge” is designed to provide high tech services in a friendly and welcoming environment.  The name for the facility is drawn from the natural materials that will be the major building blocks of the design, and the informal style that makes each interior space warm and inviting.  With a total bed capacity of 160, the facility serves each patient with a full compliment of areas.

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